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Albizia Shop Kamakura Hase

On February 13, 2021, we opened a small shop 3 stations by Enoden from JR Kamakura Station (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and a 3-minute walk from Hase Station.

(Please see this page for the schedule of the limited-time shop at the department store)

[Currently, we are open for a short time due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 Delta strain infection]

■ Business hours: 13: 00-18: 00 (closed hours)

■ Regular holiday: Please check the business day calendar

■ Visit: Reservations are required for up to 1 person per hour for a while.

(If you would like to come to the store with your companion, please contact us after making a reservation. The staff will adjust the number of people. Please allow up to 2 people.)

■ Location: 1-14-16 Hase, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 248-0016

■ Telephone: 090-5442-0707

Reservations are divided into "lottery application date" and "first-come-first-served application date". We will apply for a lottery on the scheduled date of new work announcement. Until the situation settles down, the maximum number of people is 2 per hour. You can come to the store without a reservation during the time when there is no reservation. If you would like to come to the store on the day, please call to confirm the available time.

About lottery application: There is no lottery date in October

About regular visit reservation: From this page

* In addition, we are closed during the pop-up, summer holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.

* Please contact us for the latest information.

[Access access]

The following connections are convenient for connecting trains to Kamakura. Please refer. We also accept consultations on access methods. Hase Station, which is the closest to the store, is the third Enoden station from JR Kamakura Station. (Also, Enoden may be very crowded, so please consider the following bus or walking from Kamakura Station. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for adults to walk, which is a good distance for a walk.)

■ When coming from Ikebukuro Shinjuku Shibuya

If you are coming from Ikebukuro Shinjuku Shibuya, the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line is convenient. The train bound for Zushi stops at Kamakura Station, but in other cases it does not stop at Kamakura, so please change to the JR Yokosuka Line at Totsuka Station or Ofuna Station. Transfers at Totsuka Station are convenient at the same platform. Hase Station is the third Enoden station from JR Kamakura Station. You can also come by the Yokohama transfer route, but it is not recommended because the trains are often crowded and there are many transfers.


■ When coming from Ueno Tokyo or Chiba

From Ueno, it is easiest to take the Tokaido Line Ueno Tokyo Line toward Kanagawa and change to the Yokosuka Line at Totsuka Station. You can change trains at Ofuna station, but we recommend that you change trains at Totsuka station as you may arrive at a different platform. If the time is not right because the number of trains is small, please choose the Yokosuka Line from Tokyo Station.

If you can easily reach Tokyo Station, please use the JR Yokosuka Line from Tokyo Station. No matter which train you take (in the direction of Kanagawa), it will stop at Kamakura.

■ From Kamakura Station to Hase

Normally, take the Enoden train to the 3rd station, and get off at Hase station. However, Enoden may be very crowded, so please consider taking the following bus or walking from Kamakura Station. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for adults to walk, which is a good distance for a walk. The bus ride time is about 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the congestion situation.

· JR Kamakura Station East Exit bus No. 6 onset Keikyu bus "Hase Kannon" get off

・ Take the Enoden Bus from JR Kamakura Station East Exit Bus No. 1 and get off at "Hase Kannon"

・ Walking (about 20 to 30 minutes for adults from JR Kamakura Station)

■ If you come by car

If you come by car, please get off the expressway at the Asahina IC on the Yokohama Yokosuka Road. However, please be careful especially on Saturdays and Sundays as there are some crowded areas from Asahina to Hase. There is no parking lot available in Alvisia, but there are several coin parking lots nearby, so please use it.

[What you can do at the Kamakura Hase store]

■ Jewelery shopping

You can purchase jewelry, jewelry care products, jewelry boxes, etc. lined up in the case on the spot. We accept payment by various credit cards or cash. If you wish to make a bank transfer, we will hand it over after confirming the transfer at a later date, so please contact us at the store.

■ Semi-order

You can choose your favorite loose stone from the loose stones in the store and make a semi-order to make rings, earrings, earrings, etc. The price will be about the same as regular products (depending on the bullion market). You can choose your favorite stone from the selected stones and decide the desired design (the one you like from the designs in the store) while talking with the staff.

■ Engraved

It is possible to engrave at the time of semi-order. You can choose between laser engraving and hand-engraving. You can also add two types, "END RACISM" and "Smash the Patriarchy", for free. Please contact us as we will add the items you purchased at the department store (please bring them to the Kamakura Hase store as they are not available at the department stores).

In addition, if the product is manufactured before the summer of 2019 and does not have the Albizia brand logo, the brand logo will be engraved free of charge. If you wish, please contact us at the Kamakura Hase store with your jewelry.

■ Bringing stones, full order

If you do not have a product sample at the store (cufflinks, etc.), or if you would like to make a semi-order by bringing in stones, please come to the store on the day the designer is in the store. If you contact us in advance, we will arrange the store according to your schedule, so please contact us using this form (however, we may not be able to answer all your requests).

In addition, although it is a full order to search from stones, we currently accept only about 2 cases a year due to schedule reasons. In addition, we have received a production grace period of about one year, so we may refuse full orders to search for stones of the type that arrive regularly.

・ There are almost no stones in the store, and it is difficult to expect the arrival of stones even after a while.

・ If you want to create a new design and make jewelry

Please consider a full order to search from only stones. If you are uncertain, please contact us and we will consider which is better.

■ Remodeling your jewelry

If you bring a piece of jewelry that you haven't used anymore, or a piece of jewelry that you cherish for your keepsake but have a design that you don't have a chance to wear, you can use that stone to remodel your jewelry. Why don't you wear a stone full of memories with the design of Alvisia again? We also accept pick-up of frames.

■ Picking up bullion

We accept collection of unnecessary bullions. Please feel free to contact us at the store. Please note that it will take about a week to estimate the pick-up price. (Secondhand dealer license number: Kanagawa Prefectural Public Security Bureau license No. 452640001096 NEM.)

* Semi-order full-order remodeling payments can be made after confirming the quotation, before delivery, online shop Paypal payment, bank transfer, or cash. If you wish to hand it over at the store, you can also pay at the store.

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