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About Albizia

Regardless of age, gender, or "likeness" that someone can give you

To be in a more healthy to wear, and shining such ish myself,

Walk together a long journey, such as the friend of unpretentious all alone,

Alvisia was born on July 7, 2013, with the desire to make such jewelry .

Try to scoop up the long, wordless story of the unique stones one by one

Our design begins.

The story that reaches you will continue to work with you

With the hope that it will deepen the brilliance.

Designer / Alvisia representative Nem


Nem Nemm

Born in Tokyo in 1978. Completed the master's course at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

While working as an individual designer while still in school, he became independent after working at a design office and a design and construction contractor.
After becoming independent, he worked as a designer and illustrator with an architectural background.
In 2013, he launched Alvisia with the theme of jewelry with more "my personality".
In 2014, she was attracted to the charm of stones and started her own jewelry design.

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